Lease Terminations on Long Island

There are a number of ways leases end. Some “die naturally,” when they simply expire per the terms of a leasing contract. Some can be ended earlier than the terms of the contract allow. Leases can even be transferred to a third party who’d love to take over your payments and contract and drive the car you’re driving right now.

No matter how your lease expires, we make the transition a very easy one!

Letting Your Lease Expire

Simply driving your car until your lease expires is the simplest and most common way of ending a lease. If that’s the way you decide to go, you might want to think about what you’ll want to do next. If you want to lease a newer model of car, one with all those gadgets they’re always coming out with, then you can search our huge “virtual car lot” online and take your time as you browse through our offerings, right from the comfort of your own home. No matter what make or model of vehicle you’re after, we can almost guarantee we’ve got it because we’re not limited by the size of a physical car lot – and also because we work directly with just about every car manufacturer known to man. From Acura’s to Jaguars, from Kia’s to Volvos, we have the vehicle you want! And we’ll help you get it at the lowest possible prices, with a financing deal that ensures low interest rates, low monthly payments, and great terms.

Ending Your Lease Early

Things change in life, and sometimes a car you chose a few years ago is no longer fitting your needs. If that’s the case with you, you don’t have to feel “trapped” by your old lease. We can help get you into a car that now makes more sense for you, and we can do it while allowing you to save a lot of money. Other auto leasing companies simply can’t surpass us when it comes to prices.

Lease Transfers

One way of ending your lease early is to allow someone else to take it over. That person will assume all the responsibilities of your lease, making all the payments, and, in essence, totally letting you off the hook for the car you’re driving now. We have customers who are searching for such lease take-overs, which allows them to drive a new-to-them car without having to make a down payment and without having to commit to a full term lease.

Give Us a Call!

No matter your reasons for wanting to end your lease, we can help! If you want to talk to us about all that, or if you have any other questions for us, just give us a call at 845-818-AUTO(2886)! We look forward to talking with you!

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