About Auto Leasing on Long Island

Leasing a vehicle has become a really popular way to be able to always drive new cars, with all the latest technological gadgets, and save. The costs of leasing are a lot lower than those of car ownership, plain and simple. And once your lease expires, or if you do a lease transfer or exit your lease early, you can move on to an even newer car, with more of those gadgets.

But when buying a car, you’re purchasing something that depreciates the minute you drive it off the lot. And then you have to go through the hassles of selling it. And during all that time in between the purchase and the selling, you’re stuck driving the same ole, same ole car. If the circumstances of your life change and a different car would suit you more, you’re still stuck with your old vehicle. Let’s say you’re single when you buy a car. Then, the next year, you find yourself married, and with a baby on the way. If you’d bought a sporty Lexus but really need an SUV, you’re stuck. But leasing allows you to “trade up” as you go along.

How We’re Different from Other Car Leasing Companies

One of the most important ways in which we’re different from other auto leasing agencies is that we’re able to save you a lot of money. Our car lot is a virtual one, not an old-fashioned physical one. This means we don’t have the massive overhead traditional car leasing companies do, and we pass those savings on to you.

Because our car lot is virtual, it also means that we’re able to offer you unsurpassed variety. Car leasing companies stifled by physical lots can only offer what their lots can hold. We, however, can offer you just about any model or make of car you’d want. We work directly with the manufacturers of Acura’s, Audis, BMWs, Buicks, Chevrolets, Dodges, Fords, Hondas, Jaguars, Lexus’s, Maserati’s, Porsches – you get the idea. And because we work directly with the makers of those fine cars, we’re not only able to give you so many options to choose from, we save you money again by not having any middlemen to pay.

Savings and variety aren’t all we’re famous for. We’re also unsurpassed when it comes to customer service. Always just a phone call away, we’re ready to give you any help you need along the way – and to stay out of your hair when you don’t need us. After you’ve found the right car for you, and all the paperwork is finished, we will even deliver your new car right to you, to any place that’s convenient for you, whether it’s to your home, your office, or your friend’s house.

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Do you have any questions for us? Or are you ready to lease a car today? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 845-818-AUTO(2886)! We look forward to serving you!

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