Learn About Car Lease Returns

Shopping around for new cars — and then finally getting to drive them — is lots of fun. But when it’s time to return those cars, many people dread it. Or even fear it, worrying about penalties and added costs. But there’s no need for any of that negative stuff when you return a lease to us. We make returning your lease easy, and will help you at every step of the way. We know what other car leasing companies do that bother or annoy customers and came up with this revolutionary business idea: don’t do those bothersome, annoying things that bother and annoy the customers. Genius!

Whether your lease is from another dealer, whether you want to lease a new vehicle after returning your old one, whether you want a lease transfer or to even end your lease early, we’re behind you and will make the process smooth and easy. You’ll see!

Why Return Your Lease to Us

When it’s time to return your lease, you don’t even have to bring it to us. We will come to you – to your home, your office, or your favorite pub. Wherever’s convenient for you. And we will bring all the necessary, boring paperwork with us, handling most of that ourselves. You don’t even have to worry about having a friend pick you up from some car lot, or having to rent a cab to get home.

We will inspect the car right on the spot, drive it away, and you’re good to go! If you want to lease again, you’re not stuck with the same old car unless you want to be stuck with it. With us, you have a huge selection of vehicles to choose from because we don’t have a physical car lot that limits the number of cars we can offer. And we also work directly with the manufacturers of just about any vehicle you can name, from Acura to Volvo and almost every car maker in between. If you’re returning a leased Honda sedan but are feeling the desire for obvious luxury all of a sudden, you can lease a Maserati instead. Or maybe you’ve had a baby in the past year and need to go from a Jaguar to an SUV. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Exiting a Lease Early

Sometimes people want to get out of a lease before its contractual expiration date arrives. Things change in people’s lives. People get married. They get divorced. They have children. They get new interests and hobbies and so, maybe instead of just wanting a car to drive to work as they originally needed, they might now want an off-road vehicle they can have weekend adventures in. Bottom line: life happens! And the beauty of leasing a car is that you can always “trade up,” “trade down,” or just – “trade different” as you go along. But with us, even if your needs change while you’re already leasing, we can work things out so you can exit your lease early and get a car that better suits your present needs or desires.

Give Us a Call!

So, do you have a lease you need to return? Or are you wanting a new lease? Or do you maybe have some questions for us? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 845-818-AUTO(2886)! We look forward to meeting you!

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