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SMART Leasing on Long Island

Whether you want to lease a Smart Pure Coupe, Passion Coupe, Passion Cabriolet, or Electric Drive, we’ve got the car you want. We can say “we’ve got the car you want,” too, if it’s pretty much any other car you’re after. We work directly with just about every car manufacturer out there, from Acura to Volvo and every car maker in between, so have a totally comprehensive inventory of beautiful new cars for you to choose from. It’s not just variety that we’re good at though; we’re good – no, the best – when it comes to saving you money as well!

Saving on Your Smart

Pardon the pun, but you would be smart to lease your Smart with us because we can lease you the car of your choice at prices other car leasing companies can’t. The reason is simple: we don’t have a physical, 3D car lot like old-school auto leasing agencies do – car lots that cost a lot of money in terms of property costs, property taxes, utility bills, insurance costs, paychecks for salesmen, and so forth. Our car lot is all pixels, online, in the virtual world. Because we save so much on overhead, we have the luxury and happiness of being able to lease you a car at much lower prices than our competitors.

Convenience and Service You’ll Love!

Another big bonus that comes with our having our car lot in the virtual world is the incredible convenience it means for you! You won’t have to find a ride and drive all over Long Island to get to some car lot, where a salesman will tail you, making you feel rushed even if he’s not trying to. With us, you can sit back at your kitchen table, or wherever it is you feel coziest, snacks and beverage of choice at hand, turn on your computer, and shop for some cars. As slowly, as leisurely as you like. Bring your family and friends along on your shopping excursion by emailing them the cars that interest you so you can get their opinions on which car you should choose. Bookmark what you like and come back later for a closer inspection. Easy!

But if you do need help, we’re a phone call away, ready to answer any questions that might come up! We’d be happy to talk with you!

When it comes time to finance your new lease, we’ll walk you right through it. We’ve had lots of experience getting great financing deals for our clients, ensuring low interest rates, great terms, and monthly payments as low as we can make ‘em!

And you’ll love this: when it’s time to pick up your new car, don’t. Just kick back and let us bring it to you, to your home, or office, or most anyplace else you’d like. Car leasing can’t get any more convenient than it is when leasing with Car Leasing Long Island!

Contact us today!

Contact us if you have any questions at all or if you’re ready to lease! Our phone number is 845-818-AUTO(2886). We look forward to meeting you! And we’ll love the chance to show you how we beat our competitors in so many ways that are beneficial to you! We will save you money in ways other car leasing companies can’t!

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